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“We track Alan H. King Consultings impact by our growth. Their help with our reorganization put us in a position to grow the company. We doubled in two years with multiple growth opportunities in the future. The vision of two years ago is now in place. They were unbelievably in touch with the culture in a very short time. Our people look at them as part of the team, using them to work through problems I may not even know about.”

Dave Barrett, CEO, Scovill Fasteners, Inc.  

“Alan H. King Consulting was a part of realizing $195 million in savings. In 24 months, we showed $65 million to the bottom line, with another $30 million in process. They didn’t have all the answers. They involved people and helped us define processes after listening to various inputs. The results came from a high degree of ownership among our people.”

Chester Williams, Director of Fiber Optimization,
Georgia-Pacific Corporation

 “We showed a 3-1 return on our money spent with Alan H. King Consulting over five years, a definite payback. We reengineered an entire department with their help. We introduced teams among our production workers and reorganized by material flow. Now we have nearly zero turnover in production teams. Our people are more enthused and we improved team productivity in many areas.”

Joe Moschner, VP of Manufacturing
Coin Acceptors, Inc.

 “Alan H. King got us to take action. They got our attention with greater effectiveness than other consultants. They made our people feel valued as they brought out issues. They helped our CEO see things he was too close to.”

Gary Smith, VP Sales, Syntellect

 “A nice blend. A competent job. Alan H. King never told us what to do. They always led the group to making their own decisions. They are a versatile cadre of experienced facilitators with different perspectives and different disciplines to draw from. Our people spoke highly of their work. It was practical and to the point. As a result of Alan H. King Consultings involvement, we are more efficient and proficient. We are keeping people employed.”

Bob Panko, Coach of Order Release,
Ortho Pharmaceutical Co

“Alan H. King helped us develop a perspective on ROA and the key business drivers impacting ROA. They were appropriately deferential to our biases, but willing to take a position without insulting our management. They brought intellectual horsepower and were well-suited for the work we were trying to do.” 

Paul Phillips, Director of Business Operations,
Cox Communications, Inc.

 “Utilizing Alan H. King Consulting, in 1997 we made $13 million, a 13% return on invested capital. They were down to earth, practical, and didn’t try to manage our business. They helped us mobilize for change. Their work laid the groundwork for subsequent changes and allowed management to make hard decisions and to do the right things it takes to be competitive.”

Don Haney, Vice President, Fabricated Steel Group,
AmeriSteel Corporation

 “Alan H. King is thorough, on time and genuinely interested. They did the right thing by talking to a lot of people in the company first. They helped us see what we didn’t need to do. They were not afraid to force us to stay focused. Our people responded positively and were glad Alan H. King was there. They made it easier to reach conclusions without choosing sides.”

Larry Bradner, CEO, Syntellect

 “Alan H. King helped us create more efficient business processes for all of our basic services, and that results in savings. They impacted core process transitions as we moved operations from one group to another. Now we have the right people doing the right work, and the entire division works together.”

Ray Cunningham, Director of Support Services,
Institute of Paper Science and Technology

 “Alan H. King always had prompt responses, a good communication system and was very customer-oriented. They helped us put our content into good form and shape it into workable documents and training. We intended to train 300 people, and so far have trained more than 600 at the request of our own people. The people we have trained see how we must change the way we do things.”

Peter Borlin, Portfolio Manager,
Champion International Corporation


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