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Alan H. King Consulting helps organizations achieve the greatest value from their assets and resources by improving the synergy between technology, organization and people.

The organization design and development techniques we apply help organizations improve their structure, systems, competencies and culture and better align them with business strategy for exceptional outcomes. 

Through our consulting and training approaches, we enable customers to achieve operational excellence and thereby build competitive advantage. Our approach typically consists of the following elements:

Diagnosis of key performance factors and business needs
Design/redesign and development of organizational structure, systems, competencies and culture.
Transformational implementation
Renewal (evaluation, feedback, etc.)

We have created a multi-faceted and flexible change management approach that enables your organization to achieve dramatic improvements while balancing day-to-day business operations. We begin with an understanding of industry trends and your organization's financial leverages, operational drivers and technical requirements. From there, we construct a roadmap that quickly engages your organization in improving key systems and meeting strategic goals.

Fundamental Principles and Values We Support:
Open Systems Theory—This approach ensures a holistic, optimized method of improving business results.

Socio-Technical Design Standards—A set of time-tested criteria against which we validate organization design options and improvements.

Skill/Knowledge Transfer—Knowledge and skills are transferred to our client organizations enabling them to continue to enhance the improvement processes put into place. Our work style is highly collaborative.

Building Sponsorship and Commitment for Change—We help to build this foundation that is vital for implementing effective change and sustaining improvements.

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