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Training Products 
Alan H. King Consulting offers training products and delivery methods that address the unique business challenges and performance needs of each organization. Our Performance Through Participation series of 20 stand-alone modules encompasses three decades of experience in organization design and development of high performance organizations.

We also offer customized training design and delivery using accepted Instructional Systems Design methodologies. We work closely with organizations to create high impact learning. Our trainers are experienced consultants and presenters, who can relate the topics to real business situations. They are highly successful in building skills and commitment at all levels within the organization.  Alan H. King Consulting can deliver training or train the trainers at your organization where available. 

In the areas of organizational, group or individual assessments, we generally apply surveys, focus groups or interview methodologies to help organizations identify strengths and barriers, gaps between strategic goals and actual performance, training needs, customer service issues and progress toward goals. We work proactively with management to translate assessment findings into action plans for immediate results. We use assessment tools we have developed through our practice as well as design customized assessments unique to your specific needs.

Business Simulations
The business simulations we offer have a strong track record as highly relevant and motivating for participants at all organizational levels. Participants actually experience fundamental principles and methods of effective teamwork, while achieving breakthrough performance in process flow, productivity and customer service. Each session includes a practical action planning component whereby participants identify organizational applications for immediate improvement.

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