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Organization Design & Redesign

Alan H. King Consulting applies change management techniques, socio-technical principles and open-systems theory to redesign the organization’s structure, systems, competencies and culture with the ultimate goal of bottom-line improvement. All aspects of the organization including core processes, human systems, financial systems and other support systems are included to ensure integration, mutual support and optimization of all elements. Our approach is a proven, holistic method of dramatically improving business performance while balancing needed changes with day-to-day business operations.

  • Facility Restructuring
  • Manufacturing Process Improvement
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Core Process Analysis
  • Technical Systems Analysis
  • Financial Systems Analysis
  • Capital Project Facilitation
  • Quality Improvement
  • Information Technology Integration
  • Team Design & Development/Self-Directed Teams

Strategic Planning  & Development

Alan H. King Consulting brings an objective, knowledgeable third party perspective to planning your organization's strategic direction. Once decisions are made, translating and deploying the strategy begins. Structure, roles and goals must be transformed into operational and behavioral changes to consistently deliver on the customer promise – the primary reason the customer buys your goods or services. Working with internal resources to effectively manage the changes and myriad of projects, Alan H. King Consulting helps the organization align all key systems that impact strategic goals and objectives. The changes, many times, require increased employee involvement and empowerment to improve timeliness and the quality of decisions that affect performance.

  • Change Management
  • Project Management/Program Implementation
  • Employee Involvement/Empowerment
  • Branding Alignment]

Human Resource Systems Design 

  • Leadership Development
  • Management Coaching
  • Individual/Organization Assessments
  • Competency Modeling
  • Training Design & Delivery
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation/Incentive System Design
  • Succession Planning
  • Customer Service
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